Google new shopping tools to support small businesses

Google recently unveiled new initiatives within Google Shopping to empower small businesses, enabling them to reach a broader customer base. Here are some of the latest tools designed to support small businesses:

  1. Small Business Filter: This filter allows shoppers to discover products offered online by local retailers identifying as small businesses. It encompasses e-commerce brands, local businesses, and sellers from platforms like Etsy and eBay.
  2. Small Business Attribute: Merchants can prominently display their small business status on Search and Maps using this attribute. This feature aids users in swiftly identifying products and distinguishing small businesses in the merchant list.
  3. Knowledge Panel for Merchants: Establishing connections between consumers and small businesses, this feature provides essential details such as store hours and product listings.

Additionally, Google Business Profile is another tool fostering online success for small businesses. With over 2.3 billion free monthly connections, including maps, directions, and phone calls, it plays a crucial role. Over the past two years, Google’s Merchant Center has seen a doubling of product listings, resulting in a vast global inventory of 35 billion product listings.

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