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Types of Letter of Credit

Standby Letter of Credit Standby letter of credit is a guarantee and is mainly used in USA where according to local laws American Banks are not permitted to issue guarantees. Standby LC differs from a documentary letter of credit in that the latter requires “performance” while the former requires “non-performances” i.e. under a documentary letter… Read More »

Difference between Transferable LC and Back to Back LC

Transferable LC A transferable LC is designated as transferable by the LC issuing bank, under which the beneficiary (first beneficiary) may request the advising bank (the transferring bank) to make the credit available in whole or in part to one or more other Beneficiary(ies) (second beneficiary(ies).                                     Such Credits are governed by Article 48 of… Read More »

Difference between Red Clause LC and Green Clause LC

Red Clause LC and Green Clause LC What is Red Clause LC? A Red Clause LC is a documentary credit with a special clause incorporated in it, authorizing the advising bank or the conforming bank to make advances to the beneficiary before presentation of documents stipulated therein. It will have the following information. Green Clause LC What is Green Clause LC? This clause… Read More »