Types of Risk

Types of risk

Types of Risk

In business, lots of risks are noticed. It can be aroused from the geography or the industry. Due to this reason, risk managers are now hired to control the situation in an effective manner. They have been considered as an expert in the field. The amount of risk is generally understood in proper manner in due course. Proper amount of solution can be offered for the purpose of risk management. Through this article, you can know about different types of risk in an appropriate manner.

Generally, risk has been considered as a negative outcome based on a certain situation. If an activity leads to a loss then it can be termed as risk quite naturally. Different kinds of risks can be encountered in the process without any doubt.

Types of Risks

Business risk:

Business risk is basically associated with the security. It can be considered as an unsystematic risk also. If the companies come from the same industry then they may suffer from same amount of danger at any given occasion. If you look at the subject very specifically then it can be directed towards the stock.

Company may become bankrupt that has issued bonds or stocks in the market. By diversifying the investment in proper manner, it is possible to avoid this kind of risk. Investment in mutual funds can be considered as a good option here.

Credit Risk:

Credit risk is also associated with the amount of return from a bond. On several occasions, it may not be possible to obtain expected payment through the interest rate from bond that is previously offered by the bond issuer in due course. Interest rate on the bond generally increases with the amount of risk in it.

Taxability Risk:

Municipal bonds are associated with these types of risk. Security is offered through this bond as it is completely exempted from the tax. Therefore, risk may arise if it is lost prior to the maturity of the bond. Interest of the municipality bonds is generally lesser than other kinds of bonds available in the market. If tax is imposed on the bond afterward then you may not able to obtain similar amount of the money that has been expected previously.

Liquidity Risk:

If the transaction is not executed in a proper manner then risk can be observed. Liquidity risk can be divided further in the categories like funding liquidity risk and asset liquidity risk. Liquidity risk from the asset is generally noticed with the presence of insufficient sellers and buyers in most occasions. It is generally held against the purchase order or sells order especially.

Operational Risks:

Due to failure or mismanagement regarding operation, you may come across this kind of risk. Further classification of operational risk may be noticed on the occasion. They are generally recognized with the terms like Model Risk and Fraud Risk. As a result of problem in control, you may observe development of fraud risk. However, model risk is created through the mistakes within the periphery of model application.

Above types of risks are generally encountered in the periphery of business and investment.

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