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What is Diversification?

What is Diversification? Diversification The goal of diversification The ultimate goal of diversification is to maximize, to get the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. When I do diversify a portfolio, would I obtain as a result is a possibility of choosing the combination that gives me the highest, Risk-adjusted return? So, not only the goal of diversification is obtaining the highest… Read More »

Correlation Matrix

Correlation Matrix What is Correlation Matrix? A correlation matrix is simply a collection of correlations and some of those numbers may not be large enough for you to see all of them, and some of them are very dark. The ones that are very dark are numbers, which are higher than 0.75 and that does not really matter… Read More »

Retirement income from income funds

Income Funds A Source of Stress Free Income for Retiree To avoid worries regarding allocation of asset, retirement income fund has been considered as the best option. Level of risk tolerance is matched perfectly in due course. Balance is retained perfectly. Best possible rate is guaranteed through the withdrawal rate. Professionals generally work behind these… Read More »

Income Funds for Retirement

Income Funds for Retirement Choosing Income Fund Perfectly for Retirement For a retiree, it is necessary to select a retirement income fund adequately in order to spend twenty years of their life comfortably after finishing service in the corporate sector. However, selecting products and stocks with fixed income is not an easy task. Therefore, it… Read More »