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Payback Period and ARR Example- Project Analysis

Project Analysis – Capital Budgeting Techniques Solved example of  Payback Period and ARR Steve has been appointed as finance director of a company. His only aim is to gain some experience before moving to a larger company. His intention is to work here for three years and when he would leave the company; its share price… Read More »

How to Calculate Payback Period | Capital Budgeting Techniques

How to Calculate Payback Period-Capital Budgeting Techniques Payback period is calculated by capital invested in the project by the net annual cash flow. Average of net annual cash flows may be used if net annual cash flows are not expected to be the same. Payback Period= Initial Investment/Average Annual Cash Flows

Payback Period

Payback Period Payback period is the first formal and basic capital budgeting technique used to assess the viability of the project. It is defined as the time period required for the investment’s returns to cover its cost. Payback period is easy to apply and easy to understand technique; therefore, widely used by investors. For example, an investment… Read More »